Saturday, May 23, 2009

Anger Management

I write in this blog as a form of anger management. My wife says I get to worked up over things that I see and hear in the news and things that I see and hear people around do. I guess she’s right about that. I get angry when I see a story on the news about parents who nelect or harm their children, or when a child goes missing and is found dead. I seethe with anger when a wife or husband is the source of harm done to their child or children.

I and my wife have four children and two foster children and at present thirteen grandchildren. When my children were growing up we didn’t have a lot, that was my fault and many times Christmas and holidays where on the slim side. But I always gave my children what I had the most of, my time. We fished, camped, went to drive In movies together. My wife and I were involved in every aspect of their lives the good and the bad. We were lucky our children never got into the drugs and all made it through school and in all the times I was pretty sure one of them wasn’t going to make it till there next birthday, I never…ever…even considered doing one of them harm. At the present two of our children work for police departments, one works in the handicapped mobility industry and one is a simple wife and mother. Our foster girls are both married with children and all are leading happy normal lives with all the happy normal problems that come with life. I write this for the following reason;

I believe that adults who harm or molest children should be hung in the town square.
I believe that people who commit sex crimes of any kind, be they against children or grown women, again should be hung in public.
I believe psychologist are a blithe on the very fabric of society and should not be aloud anywhere near a child.

I believe these gangs that do drive by shootings, killing anyone who happens to be in the way should be hunted down and shot like the rabid dogs they are, I don’t care how old they are.

Now if you really want to stop all this crap I believe it can be done. Here’s how

First put the paddle back in the school system, cause when the school physiologist says that little Johnny has issues and needs counseling, what little Johnny really needs is his ass busted.

True story:

When my oldest son was in the fourth grade, I won’t say in which school because I’m sure that teacher isn’t there anymore.
Anyway, my wife told our son to clean his room and get his chores done before dinner, to which he responded with, and I quote. “I don’t have to do what you say, and if you hit me I’ll tell my teacher and she’ll have the state take me away from you and put me in a foster home”. Needless is say my wife was shocked and when I came in she informed me as to my sons remarks.

I am a man who believes in taking the bull by the horns, I called my son to the front room where I promptly bust his butt and informed him that I would be taking him to school the next day. Why would I go to school you might ask, well it seems that he got the idea of not getting spanked from his teacher who had told her class that they were to inform her if the parents spanked them for any reason and she would take care of it. So…….
The next morning I took my son to school and confronted his teacher, The first thing I did was ask her if she had said what my son had said she did. And the little gal got all full of herself and told me what she had said to her class was of no concern to me. This was a very serious mistake in judgment, because this woman had no idea just how protective I am of my family.

“Really” was my reply, from there the conversation went pretty much as follows.

“WHO IN THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE you little piece of shit? The next time to say something like that to my son I’ll come in here, pick your skinny little ass up, dunk your head in that mop bucket and mop this school with your ass. Let me tell you how it works, that boy (pointing to my son) is my son, he well do what he is told when he is told and if he doesn’t I will bust his ass and you nor anyone else will stop me. By this time I had her backed into a corner of the room. Let me tell you something else when he’s sixteen and tells me he is going to spent the night at a friends house that’s where he’ll be, he won’t be out drinking, he won’t be out doing drugs and the police won’t be bring him home, why because he will not only know right from wrong, but because mine and his mothers trust will be more important to him than a drink or a joint. Because he will know that with everything in this life that can be taken away, freedom, money, cars, everything and anything material there is only one thing you have to give away to lose and that is your honor, and once you get that away there’s no getting it back.

To make a long story short, my son never told his mother he didn’t have to again, the police never came to my door during his teen years and when he was a senior in high school about to graduate I got a call from an old lady who lived close to the school. My son had ask me to go to her house one time an repair something for her and I did. She was crippled up pretty bad and didn’t have much money, so I didn’t charge her for the repair, my son knew I wouldn’t.

Anyway when I answered the phone she said Mr. Phillips this is and said her name I don’tKnow if you remember me but you did some repairs for me, I told her I remembered her and asked what I could do for her. She told me she was calling about me son. I asked if there was a problem. To which she replied oh no, that’s not why I’m calling. She said she was calling to tell me just how wonderful my son had been to her all year. That he had stopped by everyday on his way to school and fixed her fire, she heated with a wood stove, and then he would stop again on his way home from school and check on her and fix the fire again. She told me he wouldn’t let her pay him and when she asked him why, he told her that it was just something he had to do and it didn’t take much time. This woman spent about thirty minutes telling me how great he was and right there and then all the years of being the strict father, of watching him grow up into the young man I knew he could be, right there I knew he had.

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