Monday, May 18, 2009

Maybe we need to Lobby for America

Ya know, I have spent most of my life roaming around this country looking for the real America. The America that you read about in books and see in TV programs. You know the one I’m talking about, the America where neighbors actually care about each other. Where parents really care about their children and where politicians get elected because they have a better answer too the everyday problems that each and everyone of us face. I can’t seem to find it. What I fine is far bleaker than I could ever imagine.

I find people forming homeowners associations so they can control there very neighborhoods, control what a person can put on there own property, control the color they paint there house, control the type of pet you have, control what your yard looks like, why do these people want to control everything that has to do with your home. What surprises me more is that people actually move into these neighborhoods and allow the control.

I find parents who are so wrapped up in the own pity problems they don’t have the time to spend with there children, and when the child is in trouble they can’t understand why, and more is the pity, they really don’t understand why. I find children so lost and alone, even living at home they’ll do anything to get any kind of attention, drugs, gangs, murder, rape…. I mean you name it and a child somewhere has done it. The saying that children are our future is very true, so looking at the news today how does the future look to you.
Then we come to politicians, now these people really bother me. We live in a country with two basic parties, the Democrats and Republicans and as far as I’m concerned they both suck the big one. We elect Represenatives and Senators to go to Washington and do what is in the best interest of us, we the people. We have elected these people to do their jobs with our best interest and the best interest of the country as a whole as their prim directive and they never do. Oh they make pretty speeches and makes lots of promises, it just seems when they get to Washington they forget why they were sent there. I think the problem is that we the people don’t have a lobbyist. I mean look at it, the banks have lobbyist, Wall st has lobbyist every major corporation in the country has lobbyist, but we don’t. Maybe….just maybe it’s time we get ourselves some lobbyist, I mean we have something more powerful than money, we have the vote and without our vote they don’t get to Washington, what do you think.

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