Wednesday, May 20, 2009

35 Miles Per Gallon.....Why?

So in the news it seems that the new President wants car makers to raise there gas mileage up to 35.5 miles per gallon……Why? Not why does he want the mileage raised but why do we need a law requiring it. Japan auto makers will be there before we are, that kind of makes it redundant doesn’t it. If the auto industry in Japan will be at 35 mpg two years before our industry what is the point. How long will the America car industry continue to suck hind tit before they figure out that they need to get ahead of the curve. If the auto industry in Japan is coming out with 35mpg next year then at the very least the American Auto Industry should be there two…..or hey here’s and idea…..why not come out with a car that gets 50 or 60 mpg and be ahead of the others. Why not, because it makes to much since……doesn’t it.

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