Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Religion Intrigues Me

Religion intrigues me, I find it interesting that people would believe in an all knowing and all powerful god. Not only do they believe in this god people from every walk of life are willing to kill and die for this god. Me, I believe that should there be such a deity with that much power, why would they need us to kill for them? I don’t understand the reasoning behind this.

Did you know that the first evidence for ritual behavior or worshiping a god dates back some 70,000 years and has continued to grow. Now I for one believe that all people have the inherent right to believe in whatever or whichever god they choose, I don’t believe they have the right to force that god on me. I guess my biggest problem is with organized religion. Although I wouldn’t count myself among the true believers I have read the bible and have come to the conclusion that the bible can be summed up into three words. “Do what’s right” and yet people don’t as a whole do what’s right. I have some problems with a man standing in the pulpit telling me what god what’s me to do or interpreting the bible as to his way of thinking and telling me that my way of interpreting the same passage is wrong, or that I miss understand.
I believe that each and everyone has the ability to read and understand the bible, that the bible was written my man for the enlightenment of man and to tell anyone that there understanding is wrong is the way that organized religion keeps it’s hold on the faithful. O well this is a discussion I have had with many ministers, pastors and priests and there answer is always the same, we are trained in the ways of the bible. And my reply is always the same, “but were you trained by god”.?

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