Thursday, May 21, 2009

Political BS Continues

So the congress doesn’t want to close Gitmo, hum so the congress is just as stupid as the last President, this explains why there satisfaction rating is in the shitter doesn’t it.
Have we as America’s gone so far down the hole that now we have to practice torture and illegal means of holding POW’s. I mean Bush in his infinite stupidity did declare war on a country that had done nothing to us, to find WMD’s that didn’t exist and congress went along with that, didn’t they?

I wonder how long the America people will continue to put up with the complete lack of caring of our elected officials. I though that maybe with the financial melt-down that we as a people would finally say that enough was enough, but no. We just stand by while our elected representatives continue to play at there game of kings. Heed this warning Washington your day of reckoning is fast approaching, the day when we the people will come to the end of Your Rope. The day when America finally wakes up and puts and end to all of your pity little games of power, and if you don’t get your head out of your ass and start doing the job you where elected to do, that day will come sooner than you think.
I know you think these are the ranting of a nut, but that’s ok, you can think as you please. What you better do is become a student of history. Look at every large nation or empire before the US and you will see that eventually either the people bring it down or the military gets to the point where it’s had enough of fighting politically bogus wars and they bring it down. You can only kick a dog so much and sooner or later it will bit you.

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