Friday, May 22, 2009

There's a Wall in my house

There’s a wall in my house that my children and grand-children call the military wall. At the top of this wall hangs the picture of my father, a WWII veteran, below his picture hangs the flag that covered his coffin. To the left of that flag hangs a picture of myself, a Vietnam era vet. To the right of the flag hangs a picture of my son, a Dessert Storm vet. Below the flag hangs the picture of my three brothers, all veterans during some conflict or other in our nations history. I tell you this because the other day my grand-son called me and informed me that he was going into the Army and the he would be sending me a picture for that wall. My heart sank down to the very pit of my stomach, you see so far my family has been very lucky, everyone on that wall has come home, now once more my government is going to place one of my own in harms way.

The reason I wrote this is because yesterday I watched the President and the former Vice- President give there speeches on our countries security. I heard from the President that which I joined the service to defend. The rule of law, the personal freedoms and rights that we should all hold dear, because they come at a high price. What I heard from the former Vice-President was the same bull shit that I heard all eight years that he and his former boss were in office. What really bothers me is that there are people out there who believe this crap. They don’t understand that it is being peddled by people who didn’t even have the intestinal fortitude to fight for the country they claim to be trying to protect. The former Vice-President got several deferments to keep out to he military during Vietnam, the former President joined the National Guard and then was to drunk half the time to even show up at his meetings. These are the people who have placed your children and grand-children in harms way.
When the former President of these United States condoned the use of “enhanced interrogation techniques”, as they wish to called them, I prefer there real name, TORTURE they shamed this country, they shamed every man and woman in uniform and they shamed every soldier who has died to defend this country, our beliefs and what it is we stand for and have always stood for in the world. If we were at war with a country who did these things to our people we would put them on trail for war crimes and either put them in prison or execute them. So Mr. President this is the United States of America. The home of the free and the land of the brave. Do we all live by the law or do we all live by the law except the Executive Branch?

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