Thursday, May 28, 2009


On 9/11 the passengers and crew of flight 93 armed with the knowledge of what had taken place with early hijacked planes that day, took a stand and fought back. In doing so Flight 93 crashed into the Pennsylvania country side, forever ingraining this small group as patriots of the highest order, people who where willing to die to protect others, to protect there country. This flight, these people will be remembered always, we many not know there names, but we will always remember there actions.

Now in an effort to build a shrine to these people, that government which on that day in September these most wonderful people died to protect is going to steal the land to build there shrine. You can call it what you will, but when anyone takes something that doesn’t belong to them, it’s stealing. Once again people have shown there need to glorify the dead without any consideration for the living.
If you really want to honor these people then do so by respecting the living for the dead have been cared for, now leave them in peace.

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