Sunday, April 25, 2010

Here we go Again!

Well it's that time of year again, though it seems to be that time of year all year, election time!

You know the first election I remember was the election of 1956 when Eisenhower was re-elected to office, I was 7 years old. Since that time I, like many, have followed the politics of our time. I remember my mother being a precinct committee person for the Democrats and even having the election machine in our front room for people to vote. Why up to the time I went into the Marine Corps in January of 1968 I considered myself a democrat, but the service and war have a way of re-educating you. By the time I came out of the corps I was neither a democrat or a republican, I was and am to this day independent and will be till the day I leave this earth. I have been asked why, and the answer is quit simply, neither political party cares about anything but there own little world. This is completely wrong, politics shouldn't be about the party it should be about the country and the people in it.

Every election cycle it's the same old thing, one candidate bad mouthing and belittling the other. People running for office trying to scare you into voting for them because they can keep you safe. So when did the people of this country become such pussies that they need some lying ass politician to keep them safe?? Yes I said lying ass politician, because if you think there telling the truth then you seriously need help. Politicians will tell you anything to get your vote, there not going to do anything if you elect them, cause the only time they really do any work is during the election. After the election they spend there time being wined and dined by lobbyist who are going to get them to vote for those pieces of legislation which benefits them the most. Not the things that benefits the average citizen.

When you go to the polls this year try and remember some things before you vote.
  1. Clinton gave Bush a surplus
  2. The Republicans tried to push all most the same health care reform in 1993
  3. Bush declared war on a country that did not attack us, Iraq
  4. Bush's war put us in debt over a trillion dollars. (so much for the surplus)
  5. The Republicans our fighting financial reform tooth and nail
  6. Most of the 501c3 orgs running, what I call hate ads, our backed by Insurance companies, Wall Street and the Republican party.
  7. And last but not least, if you truly want to live in a free country then get your head out of your ass and get the real truth not the bullshit from the boob tube.

This in no way is endorsement of the Democratic Party, I'm just say the Republicans seem to have lost the way and until they figure out the can't scare a vote out of us there going to keep doing the same old thing.

Oh and one other thing Harry Reid from Nevada has given his life to the state and one time was almost killed for it. Now he's is behind in the polls to a Republican women who wants you to give your doctor a chicken for his bill...... I don't have any chickens!!!

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